¡Hello! ¡Welcome to J.A.K.AUDIO!

¿How did it started?

This started as a personal project. It was around 2008 that i feel the mixes i was doing lacked of depth and panning was not so clear. At that time summing mixer started to become more popular, but expensive... So I started tinkering circuits and making prototypes. As I delved more and more, i finally got hoocked to circuit design and analog audio electronics. After testing several protopypes in professional studios, i finally arrived to a summing mixer version that finally became the MIKROSUM SMIX32.  Summing mixers are not just another piece of hardware to add in your studio. They are a way of working within the bybrid DAW setup, that can help you mixing your tracks easier. 

Today I'm offering also 500 series modules. Right now I have an SSL 9000k based preamp, with the HPF and LPF from the 4000E series consoles. Check it and see the vídeos!. 

The 500 series has become a really interesting way to add that  "sound" to your sonic palette. The more colors you have, more interesting results you can achieve!!. 

More modules are about to come...An EQ...Compressor...¡Stay tuned! and feel free to contact me. i'm here to help you!!

Karim Azeli Jarosch

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